Cornwall Healthy Weight 7-13 years course

Posted on: 6th Jul 2017

This is a 12-week programme, with families required to attend once a week, for two hours (out of school hours).
  • Educational lifestyle programme that focuses on the whole family making changes through positive behaviour change
  • Families learn about nutrition, food groups, eating a balanced and healthy diet and portion sizes
  • How to read and interpret food labels, importance of making healthier food choices and healthy shopping on a budget, as part of a supermarket tour
  • Fun games and activities to encourage children to become more active
  • Cooking sessions to increase cooking skills and cooking for families on a budget
  • Fun and interactive sessions to help increase confidence and self esteem
  • Individuals eligible to access this programme must be aged seven to 13 years old, live in Cornwall and be above a healthy weight (>91st centile BMI).
  • It is essential that at least one parent/guardian attends the programme with the referred child but the whole family, including siblings, are invited and encouraged to attend together.
  • Referrals accepted from primary care, all health and social care professionals and those working directly with families (i.e. parent support advisors/pastoral support workers)
  • Self-referrals accepted from eligible families across Cornwall
The course takes place in Truro on Tuesdays from September 19th – December 14th 2017 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Give them a call for more info via the Health Promotion Service on: 01209 313419.