LEGO Cards

Posted on: 13th Jul 2017

LEGO Cards – SPARE CARD EVENT (NOT swapping!)
PLEASE – if you have any swaps at home, bring them into school tomorrow, Friday 14th July. This event will be more successful if we have loads of cards!
Give them to me in Year 5 or you can leave them in reception (there is a box on the floor).
WHEN? Tomorrow (Friday)
WHERE? School hall – please enter through the outside door by the KS1 playground
WHY? Raising money for Little Harbour Children Hospice AND we are trying to make sure as many children as possible get as many cards as they can.
WHAT? Suggested donation - 50p entry fee.
  • Bring your list of cards you need
  • Wait patiently at the table which has the cards you need (each table will have different cards available so there should be less queuing)
E.g. Table 1 may have cards 1-20 available, Table 2 21-40 etc This will be made clear in the hall).
Thank you for your generous support!
We have sold out of cards today! We will let you know our final total, next week!
Mr Parekh