We are now trialling a new approach to curriculum delivery using The Cornerstones Curriculum. This approach is creative and engaging whilst ensuring that, at its core, is Literacy development. Every project will have an experience linked to the theme and throughout this term you will notice that more of your child’s learning will take place outside in the environment.

We have invested in this curriculum in order to give a consistency of approach to learning in all classes through 4 distinct learning phases. Every Imaginative Learning Project is organised around activities planned to Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express children’s newly acquired knowledge, skills and understanding.

The Cornerstones curriculum is matched to the 2014 national curriculum. All the themes are exciting, imaginative and devised to ignite in children a curiosity and fascination to learn more. If you are interested in learning more then there is a display in the front entrance corridor or you can click on 'Cornerstones Curriculum' under 'Curriculum Links' opposite.

We teach all subjects through our Cornerstones Curriculum. If a subject does not naturally link with the topic the subject is given a chunk of curriculum time to provide opportunities to develop pupils'  skills in this area in depth. Your child's class page available via the eSchools login is where you will find information on current and future topics, the specific areas of the curriculum covered within the topics, together with pointers as to how you may extend this learning at home.
In KS1 we use the Giant Phonics Scheme to teach our pupils to read fluently and to spell words using phonetic skills when writing. Please click on the 'Giant Phonics' link opposite to find out more about it.  Parents are continually encouraged to support their children with daily reading at home and from Year 2 children are required to have a minimum of 5 reads a week logged in their yellow Reading Journals.

Imaginative Learning Project Plans

Imaginative Learning Project plans (formerly Rainbow Plans) for the first half of the 2018 Spring term are available to download below.