The Giving Machine

Probus CP School PTA is signed up to a fantastic online organisation called TheGivingMachine which we would love you all to support.  You can find the direct external link to our page at the bottom of the page.

The GivingMachine is a not-for-profit online social enterprise and is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways for UK charities and schools to raise essential funds regularly.  Pretty much all of us now do a large proportion of our shopping online so when you download that new track from i-Tunes or order the weekly shop from Sainsbury’s, a couple of extra pounds could be winging its way into the school fundraising coffers ready to be put to good use! 

It’s all rather clever and brilliantly simple.  Rather than logging directly onto your favourite retailer e.g. Amazon, John Lewis, i-Tunes or even E-bay; first log onto and then with over 400 of the UK’s leading brand name stores to choose from, we automatically become ‘givers’, instantly generating money for the school.  When you buy online via TheGivingMachine, a sales commission is received from the participating shop and 75% is converted into a donation on your behalf.  You are still buying the same products, at the same price and on the same shopping websites but the difference is by shopping via TheGivingMachine you generate free cash donations at no extra cost to you personally. 

It’s easy to get going.  Click the ‘Go Shopping’ button, then select the online store in which you wish to shop.  If you are a first time user, it’s best to create a ‘giver account’ so you can see how much you’re raising and you can log on quickly each time.   The only information they require is your name, email and your chosen charity.  If you pop in ‘Probus’ and click ‘Search’ our school page immediately pops up.  So log on to and have a look around!

We would stress that TheGivingMachine enterprise operates ethically and transparently and, as a member of the Institute of Fundraising, adheres to strict standards and best practice.

So, whether you're tackling the weekly grocery shop or if you’ve just seen a great pair of boots frankly and you need to justify the purchase, then let’s put fingers to keyboard and see what a difference it could make to our wonderful school!