This is the last week of clubs - all after school clubs finish on Friday 13th July!

Class 3

Mrs Alexia Seymour

Class 3 Teacher

Ms Nicolette Claxton

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Amanda Gatley

Teaching Assistant

 Library day is Monday. This is a great opportunity for children to access a wider range of books for them to choose and enjoy in their own time.
Our PE day is Friday, however we request that PE kits are in class everyday so that we can alter our provision according to the Cornish weather.
As with the rest of KS2, we set our homework on Friday and this is due back on Wednesday. Our homework club runs every Monday.
Ms Claxton is in class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. Mrs Gatley is in class on Tuesday mornings.
 Camp Kernow was all about working together to achieve an end goal. We learnt all about how the camp is environmentally sustainable and 'off grid'. We made ‘Dampers’ out of  flour, water and chocolate chips rolled into a sausage and wrapped around a hazel stick to cook over our campfire which, we were also learning how to build, light and be safe around. 

This half term we are learning about 'Gods and Mortals'. We have been investigating the reasons why Icarus fell from the sky, by planning and performing simple experiments in groups. We tested the wax to see what would happen if it got wet, cold and hot by immersing in water, placing in the freezer and applying heat using a tealight candle for a set period of time. We discovered that a lot of mythological stories are scientifically incorrect, but we do know that myths are thousands of years old, often being passed down by each generation to the next, as stories which tried to teach the unexplained.

We have been exploring myths through role play and by using our listening skills and imagination have drawn pictures of creatures from narrative descriptions.
We have taste tested the 'Food of the Gods' (Ambrosia and Nectar), writing reviews as a food critics.