Our Home Learning Programme

We are very aware that everyone is facing different circumstances as we continue through this time.  We have a variety of home learning opportunities available as we try and meet the differing needs of our families, giving you the chance to choose the way that suits you best.  In the event of a class or bubble closure, or if your child is not able to come into school because they are self-isolating, home learning will be set via your child's Seesaw platform (or tapestry in EYFS).  We also use these for children to complete homework and your child has practised the platforms in school.

Each child at Probus Primary School has a login to the Seesaw Platform (or tapestry for EYFS.)  These logins have been sent to you and are also stuck in your child's Reading Record.  If you ever need any help to login, please email the school secretary@probusschool.org.uk.

The Seesaw platform will have the daily tasks for your child. Communication with the teacher is secure and feedback is individual to your child. When you return work by image, voice recording, film or text template the work is seen and then approved by the class teacher or teaching assistant. The work then becomes part of your child's Seesaw profile. The Seesaw app works on many different devices and can even be used well on a mobile phone.

Pupils also have access to the Wonde dashboard via the CHILD LOGIN button on the homepage and can freely use Timetables Rockstars, Sumdog, Spelling Shed and other apps.  .

Please make sure, whichever device your child is on, internet safety is key. Do not leave your child unattended on the internet for long periods, and do aim to engage with the activities that they are doing. Please visit the Aspire eSafety page at the link below for further guidance.

Helpful pointers for home educating

Motivation is key and regular sessions each day will help with this. If your child feels saturated, try a different task. Reward the effort made with a star (stuck or hand-drawn) at the end of the work.

Create a daily timetable, design it with your children. Factor in fun times for all. Learning time needs to have a different feel to playtime. 

Read the task in advance of your child so you have any idea of what they need to do.  If you have several children can the older children support the younger ones? Can you all do the same activity at times (art, music, science?), to avoid your attention being pulled in many ways.

Make sure there is a balance to the day, ensuring plenty of exercise. Have a mixture of handwritten and online tasks.

If your child is struggling, reassure them. We often use the phrase, “You haven’t got it yet but one day you will”. 

And BREATHE!  You've totally got this...

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