Maple Class

Mr Lee Hamilton

Class 5 Teacher

Mrs Lorraine Hughes

Teaching Assistant


Mr Steve Flack

Teaching Assistant (1:1)


Mr Nathan Brown

Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Tuesday to Friday AM

Sratford-upon-Avon Residential Trip
Click the link below to ask questions about the residential to Stratford-upon-Avon 2020 - this will help me before the trip meeting next half term.
Maple Class is our Year 5 class and is taught by Mr Parekh with Mrs Eames as teaching assistant.  
PE - Our PE day is TUESDAY however, we request that PE kits are in school each day so that we can alter our provision according to the weather.
Homework is a way to consolidate children's learning, give parents/guardians at home an insight in to what they they have been learning and prepares them for Year 6 and secondary school.
Reading - As always, reading is a high priority. Encourage your child to read everyday - even if it is 1 page!
Read 5 times a week and get a sticker on your bookmark. Fill the bookmark for a small prize to say well done for your commitment to reading! 
Get 'hooked on a book'
Spellings - Class spellings will go out on Friday - we will look at them in lessons during the week, culminating in an assessment the following Friday. 
Look at the PDF for the overview for this half term.
Our homework club runs every Monday lunchtime. 
Our learning topics throughout the year!
Autumn 1 - Peasants, Princes and Pestilence - visit from the NHS, growing microbes!
Autumn 2 - Stargazers - Night Sky Stargazing!
Spring 1 - Off With Her Head! - Class trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon
Spring 2 - Alchemy Island - Science experiments!
Summer 1 - Beast Creator - Eating bugs and honey!
Summer 2 - Pharaohs - Museum and Art wrokshop!
Princes, Peasants and Pestilence
Class texts:
Horrible HIstories The measly Middle Ages
We All Fall Down by Sally Nicholls
So far we have...
  • Been sailing!
  • Read 'The Fog' by Carl Sandburg
  • Looked at 'personification'
  • Used description to describe Pestilence
  • Science experiment - reaction times
  • Science experiment - fermentation with yeast!
  • Science - looked at microbes - the good, the bad and the ugly!
  • Geography / History- looked at the journey of The Black Death in the 14th Century... from Asia, chemical warfare, back to Europe across land and sea! But it is okay... it is a sign from God (punishing the evil French!) or is it? Especially when it reaches English soil!!
  • Geography - Countries and capital cities in Europe - using Google Earth and Atlases - understanding where countries are in Europe.
  • French - the alphabet, greetings, local places - coordinate games.
  • PE - sailing, movements, stamina, following instructions.
  • Art - Proportions -- drawing a plague doctor
  • Set up an experiment involving hands and bread
  1. Bag 1 - bread touched by unwashed dry hands
  2. Bag 2 - bread touched by washed and dried hands
  3. Bag 3 - bread touched by unwashed wet hands
  4. Bag 4 - bread touched by washed and wet hands
  5. Other bags contain moldy bread! Mmmmmmm!
Still to come...
Visit from the NHS - hand washing... properly!!! We will create our own posters to inform and persuade others in school, we will visit classrooms and show them how to wash their hands properly.
Using Glow Gel to see bacteria on our hands - how can we get most bacteria off our hands? - Use water? Different soaps? Dry with a hand dryer? Paper towels?
Growing our own microbes! - Use agar jelly filled petri-dishes to swab areas around the school! WARNING - do NOT open the bags once sealed! - Horrible things WILL grow inside!