Probus Exhibition Fund

In 1887, a charitable foundation was started in Probus under the name of Probus Exhibition Fund. Its purpose was to assist young people in need of financial assistance with the costs associated with secondary school education and with moving on from school to apprenticeships or other employment.
In 1966, the constitution of the scheme was updated and trustees were appointed to represent the county council, the parish council, the parochial church council, the school and the Methodist church. It continued to distribute grants to young people in the parish for many years.  Unfortunately, as trustees retired and were not replaced, the charity became dormant and funds were not distributed.
The charity has been resurrected with new trustees and was relaunched in the summer of 2014.
A typical grant is in the range of £50 to £150 to a maximum of £500.
Who can apply?
  • A young person aged 11 years to 25 years
  • A resident in the parish of Probus
  • Attending an approved school, college or training establishment or preparing to start a job
What can the money be spent on?
  • Books
  • Training
  • Work-related clothing
  • Tools of a trade or work-related travel
  • Professional fees (or other costs at the discretion of the trustees)
How to apply
Application forms can be downloaded from the website and must be completed by the applicant if over 18 years, or by the applicant’s parent if under 18 years. Or contact one of the trustees for a form.

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