Summer 1 = Pharaohs

We have been looking at REAL ancient Egyptian artefacts! 
In lessons, we have been discussing primary and secondary sources - which one is better?
We decided that primary are more authentic and can give us lots of information about that time period - materials used, colours, art, thoughts and feelings. However, for accuracy it depends - e.g. a primary account of Cleopatra written by one of her enemies may be biased!
Oak Class have:
Mummified pieces of fruit... we stuffed them with salt and sand and covered them in tissue paper before covering them in resin (pva glue).
Fingers crossed that the remains of Pharaoh Banana and Pharaoh Satsuma will be preserved for the after life... unfortunately,  Pharaoah Apple looks like he won't be travelling with Osiris to the field of golden reeds!
Made canopic jars - we chose an animal head and thought about why that animal would be a good guardian for the organ of a Pharaoh.
Some children decided to write hieroglyphs on the jars.
Written a description in the present tense - stuck inside a tomb!

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