The Lost Words

September - December 2018 
How it all began?
Last year the grandmother of 3 children in our school donated a beautiful book to the school called ‘The Lost Words’, written by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris. It is a bestselling book celebrating the disappearing words of nature from acorn to willow, bluebell to raven. Macfarlane and Morris have created a ‘spellbook’ to conjure back these lost words.
Children have selected their own class poem and are spending a week engaged in seeking, finding, speaking and creating art forms around their subject - from kingfishers and dandelions, to ravens and bluebells.  Within the curriculum, opportunities have been created to engage local artists (dance, musician and visual artists) to work towards putting together a spellbinding performance in school for the community around the ideas created in this book .
Sarah Waller from RIO (Real Ideas Organisation), who is supporting the development of Arts Awards from the Arts Council England with a view to increasing opportunities for young people to participate in arts and culture in schools, is working with each class to help create dances linked to their poems.  Roger Luxton, a songwriter, is spending three days in school working with each class to create and record songs linked to their theme. We also have a volunteer artist working with our pupils for two days.
With the support of Sarah we are also working with four other schools within our Aspire Trust Truro Hub to create a combined celebration of creative work based on The Lost Words book. This will be held in the Royal Cornwall Museum on the afternoon of 5th December.
The performance in school will be on Tuesday 16th October from 1.30pm until 3.00pm. The performance will start at 1.30pm; doors will open at 1.15pm. Tickets are £3.50 per adult and will include the art work your child has created and a certificate stating their participation in the Arts Award Discover. There will be no cost for children under 5 years old. Tickets will be limited, to 2 tickets per family initially.
The performance will be a ‘Promenade’ performance, where the audience moves around the school visiting each classroom. There will also be an opportunity for adults to contribute their own experiences of words that are meaningful to them about nature and childhood – your contributions will be vital to our final display as we would like to involve the whole community. 
We are so lucky to have this opportunity for our children; the school will be transformed into a natural world where disappearing words come alive, interpreted by your children in their own ways.

Lost Words Anthem


Come back lost words where have you gone?

Can’t remember your name, can’t remember your name.

Lost in the forest of the modern World.


Lost in pages of past.

Lost in pages of time.


Shout it out

Bring the words right back

Shout it out

Bring them back


No-one knows who you are.

And it’s bothering me.

Is it bothering you?


Can’t read them from afar.

So let’s bring them all back.

And breathe them a new life.


We’re losing words both left and right.

Try to remember them.

It isn’t hard to do.


We’re losing words both left and right.

Try to remember them.

It isn’t hard to do.

Or we might lose.

All your words too.

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