The aim of our enriching and ambitious Geography curriculum at Probus School is to enable learners to embed a deep understanding of both physical and human Geography, where children will learn about the factors which make us and our locality so special and compare our ourselves and our environment to others around the world.  

By developing specific geographical skills, children make sense of our own surroundings through learning about our own local area, rural, coastal and urban, asking geographical questions and comparing their locality with that of other regions in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world. 

We go beyond the national curriculum: we inspire our children to think about their own place in the world, to develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment and reflect upon the human impact on the natural world. We begin by understanding our local environment and the beautiful rural village in which we live. Much of our fieldwork relates to our locale: children enquire about land use, sustainability in our local areas and the cleanliness of our water; further opportunities, include venturing further afield and develop their growing knowledge of compass directions, grid referencing and use of map symbols, bringing Probus School Geography to life.  

In Early Years, we foster a care for the world around us, learn positional language, and learn about basic weather patterns e.g. when it rains, we need to wear a coat. Basic mapping skills are introduced, and these are extended incrementally through each school year.  

In Key Stage 1, children further develop their understanding of weather by comparing patterns of places and making predictions based on cloud formation. Children learn about hot and cold places. In Key Stage 2, they extend this learning by exploring climate zones and exploring differences between climate and weather. By the end of Year 6, children can understand why our climate and weather patterns are different to other locations of a similar latitude; further, they build knowledge in patterns of migration processes.  


For further detail about our curriculum content, see how Geography is sequenced throughout your child’s life at Probus School (in the document below).

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