History at Probus School

At Probus School, we aim to establish, develop and nurture our children and develop a love for learning about history. We achieve this by providing a motivating and varied curriculum, which covers local, national and international topics.

Developing a sense of chronology is important to us; through this, the children are able to increase their understanding of how the world has changed over time. Attention is given to ensuring that children understand how events in the past have influenced our lives today.

The history curriculum begins in Early Years classrooms, where they develop a sense of past by discussing changes over time. 

The curriculum is structured chronologically so that pupils gain a strong sense of previous time periods and can locate learning with the journey through the classes. Revision of past learning is enhanced with memory and vocabulary strategies used, where children are given opportunities to revisit previous learning.

Local history is prioritised so that pupils can understand the village, our locality, and Cornwall. This helps them ground there understanding and enables comparison with other times and cultures. Regular trips to significant places are arranged to help bring the study to life. Cornwall has many special places, especially from the pre-historic period and these are shared with pupils.

In school, we have developed our own Museum space with artefacts to sort, classify, observe and explore. 

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