Our PE Curriculum

The Principal aim of PE at Probus School

At Probus school we believe to be physically educated is to develop a variety of skills and positive body awareness these include:

Developing positive self–esteem and body image

Understanding the need to calm and self-care

Understanding the link between mental and physical health

Understand the physical activity is essential to wellbeing and health

How do we teach PE?

Class teachers and our specialist PE lead deliver a minimum of two lessons per week. Outdoor learning is a school driver and teachers plan additional active learning and outdoor activity for every project.


Staff draw upon a variety of excellent resources to support the curriculum planning. The balance and breadth of the curriculum is overseen by the PE lead and is progressive across the year groups.

A pupil profile is developed which is updated as assessments and observations occur. The profile includes progress in specific areas but also analysis of the pupils’ movement skills. This is assessed though Get Set 4 PE.


Pupils who exhibit a high level of skill and enjoy competitive activity are encouraged to participate in elite training and sign posted to activities that can support their progression. We are involved in the Roseland Cluster sports events as well as the Aspire Sports activities. 


The curriculum is initiated with Get Set 4 PE. The progression goes from nursery to year 6 and helps build mobility and from key stage 2, sport specific skills.

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