In England, all schools must make provision for ‘pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.’ (New Ofsted Framework 2018) SMSC at Probus Primary School is integral to the work that we do. It is embedded and woven through our curriculum, our values of 'be ready, be respectful, be safe' is shown through all aspects of school life. The culture of our school is one in which this development is intrinsic to all we do.

In our school, the spiritual child can…

  • Explore their values and beliefs
  • Reflect and learn from their thoughts
  • Learn from religion
  • Know what makes them and others happy
  • Grow in a spiritually conducive ethos and climate
  • Ask questions about life
  • Make connections
  • Show resilience, persistence and courage
  • Relish and enjoy challenge
  • Respect themselves and others
  • Hold a set of values, beliefs and principles
  • Show empathy towards others
  • Reflect on their lives
  • Are creative thinkers
  • Appreciate the wonder and awe of life

In our school the moral child can…

  • Develop a strong moral code
  • learn from positive staff role models
  • Understand the need for values, rules and the law
  • Respect all cultures
  • Allow freedom of expression
  • Know right from wrong
  • Reflect on consequences
  • Confidently uphold their values and principles
  • Confidently express their views
  • Make rational and wise judgements
  • Respect others
  • Relish the chance to explore other cultures
  • Be willing to alter their views

In our school the social child can…

  • Develop a shared sense of community
  • Work as a team and cooperate
  • Actively develop their personal skills and conflict resolutions skills
  • Understand and engage in democratic processes
  • Understand the need to be part of the wider community
  • Use appropriate behaviour
  • Relate well to others
  • Make a contribution to society
  • Sensitively challenge the opinions of others
  • Exercise their responsibilities

In our school the cultural child can…

  • Adopt a zero tolerance policy to discrimination
  • Take part in and enjoy a rich range of cultural experiences
  • Show cultural awareness in every aspect of school life
  • Understand their own culture and understand what has shaped them
  • Respect and appreciate the cultures of others
  • Learn from other cultures
  • Are open to new ideas and beliefs

(September 2018)

Probus Primary School
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