Maple Class Year 5

Mr Hamilton

Class 5 Teacher

Hello, I am the Maple Class Teacher.

Some information about myself:

I love the outdoors and being active. I hope my involvement in sports clubs in the school will reflect this.
Writing is a fantastic source of creative expression; it is magical how someone can open a range of emotions through words. I love to teach this subject.
I was late to develop a love of reading as a child; however, my favourite book became (and still is) Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire; however, I have an affinity with The Iron Man by Ted Hughes because this was the first book I had ever completed on my own as a child - I felt a great sense of pride by this achievement as I struggled with reading in my early years in Primary School.

Welcome to Year 5 (Maple Class)
This term, children will be learning about two topics: The Amazon and The Golden Age of Islam.
This term, children will be writing to persuade in the form of leaflets and letters. 
Children will be embedding place value concepts this half term and exploring addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems and making links with these skills across multiple areas of the maths curriculum. 
The children will be studying two topic area of Living Things and their habitats and making links to a current world issue of deforestation and plastic pollution. 
PE is on Thursdays and Fridays; please ensure children are equiped for this. 
Homework is given on Friday afternoons, retuned and marked by the children the following Friday . 
Reading is expected to be completed frequently (5 times a week). It is the parents' responsibility sign a child's record.  
If a reading comprehension is set as homework, this can count as one of the five reads that week (make sure it is logged in the diary). 

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