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Reading is a key life skill. At Probus, we want children to foster a love of reading as soon as they step foot into our school. 
If you love reading a book, you will never be lonely!
Where do you read at bedtime? where does your child like to read?  Do they prefer lying down? 
Curled up in a strange position? Do they like to read in total silence or with some music in the background? Does your child ever see you reading? 
How can we achieve this:
-reading a range of texts with the children
-explore a range of authors
-talk passionately about books and reading
-daily reading to the children (who needs television when you can listen to a story unfold in your mind...)
-using drama to act out stories
Things at home:
-read every night to your child (everyone loves a bedtime story)
-talk about books more often - characters, settings, what will happen next?
-draw characters and settings from books
- When your child reads to you at home, read less but talk more about the words - descriptions, characters, questions, look up unfamiliar words. 
   Take turns reading parts of the story. 
   You read a paragraph - your child reads the same paragraph or vice versa.
   You read speech whilst your child narrates. 
   For some children, let them read to themselves before reading it aloud.
All these ideas are to enhance the enjoyment of reading for your child!
Make reading fun. Make reading enjoyable.
Please contact the school if you would like anymore more information or if you would like to share any positive reading experiences with your child!
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