Year 6 - Oak Class

Mr Jason Parekh

Year 6 Teacher - Writing and Computing Lead

Mrs Elaine Eames


Welcome to Year 6 (Oak Class)   "Strong roots feed a lifetime of learning."
See what we have been up to this year... Oak Class 2022/2023 Book Creator
From joining as Little Acorns, Probus children grow along their learning journey - growing into willows to beeches to rowans to birches to maples - until they become mighty oaks in Year 6.
We pride ourselves on being fantastic role models for our school - being experts on our school rules:
Be Ready. Be Respectful. Be Safe.
In Year 6, children become prefects: taking on different tasks during the week to help others: librarians, KS1 playground helpers (friendship squad) and KS2 Huff and Puff play leaders. Not only this, but our delightful Year 6 become buddies to our Acorns in Reception Class. Every week, we meet with them and help them with their learning, read to them and play with them - having lots of fun!
During the year, we will explore many topics: the Victorians and the impact on Cornwall - the impact of railways and mining on our locale, Darwin and evolution, Frozen Kingdoms - climate change and human impact upon the Earth as well as finding out who Shackleton was, the circulatory system - healthy body, healthy mind.
We always enjoy a class trip as a class. In previous years we have done many things and visited many places: the Clifton suspension bridge, boarded the SS Great Britain, watched The Lion King at Bristol's Hippodrome, the Butterfly Farm, Shakespeare's birth place and school, MAD Science museum and even Harry Potter World! 
Things about me:
  1. I am left handed.
  2. I wanted to become a teacher after working at Tresillian Infant School during Year 10 work experience. 
  3. I like sports and mainly played football and rugby.
  4. I love Pokemon! I still have Pokemon Red for the Gameboy - I have many favourites but my top one is Bulbasaur!
  5. When I was younger, I wanted to be a police officer, a chef, a carpenter and an author.
  6. The best bit about teaching is when you see how much children have progressed during the year.
  7. I am passionate about writing - I love getting creative in lessons to make ideas vivid for the reader!
  8. I love books! I love reading, Treasure Island, The Harry Potter series, The Graveyard Book, books about Greek and Norse mythology (and of course, anything by Michael Rosen or Julia Donaldson!)
  9. I have been to Ireland, Latvia, Turkey, Italy. 
  10. When In Turkey, I loved walking through the ancient ruins of Ephesus (whilst seeing wild tortoises climbing around). In Italy, I visited Milan and watched AC Milan play in the San Siro!

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