E-Safety for Parents

E-Safety in the current world is something that needs addressing more than ever. 
New apps/games/ways to interact are part of the evolution of computing.
As a school, Probus want our children to embrace new technologies, to use technology safely, to be confident users of the internet - knowing how they can enjoy it as well as knowing how to be respectful and kind.
Technologies are ever evolving... at Probus, we are here to help parents in the quest to stay one step ahead so that our children can grow up safely in this technological world. 
We have adopted the 5 pillars of interent safety from Google's - Be Internet Legends
1) Think Before You Share (Be Internet Sharp)
2) Check it’s For Real (Be Internet Alert)
3) Protect Your Stuff (Be Internet Secure)
4) Respect Each Other (Be Internet Kind)
5) When in Doubt, Discuss (Be Internet Brave)
https://www.vodafone.co.uk/mobile/digital-parenting/resources-category - Full of interesting information and current news!
https://www.wearecoda.com/example-flip-book/mobile.html - Storybook involving Goldilocks - A Hashtag Cautionary Tale!
E-Safety help sheets for parents and carers! (See below)

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